A Relationship Designed for Growth

Citi Commercial Bank is committed to helping clients find solutions that will drive their financial success. We provide businesses with a broad range of innovative financial solutions that are designed to free up time, reduce risk and support international business growth and opportunities. Our solutions include:

Liquidity & Cash Management Solutions

Citi's Liquidity & Cash Management Solutions help your company's money work hard. You can maximize idle cash, reduce borrowing and optimize yields, while controlling risk locally and globally. Our Liquidity & Cash Management solutions help ensure that your business has cash in the right place at the right time, freeing you up to concentrate on your core business activities. Cash management services include local and foreign currency accounts, payments, receivables, and convenient access via electronic banking systems. Citi's various online banking tools offer you a convenient, intuitive way to monitor balances and account activities. They also allow you to perform cutting-edge electronic execution and risk management tools, which complement our unmatched global footprint, and complete everyday banking tasks like depositing funds, paying bills and transferring cash between linked accounts.

Lending Solutions

Now more than ever, businesses need capital. At Citi, we offer a wide range of loan structures to help your business not only keep operating, but innovating and expanding. Citi Commercial Bank offers a comprehensive range of flexible financing options - from short-term revolving credit facilities and working capital financing, to medium-term loans and structured financing. The tenor, currency and other terms and conditions of various loan types can be customized in line with a business' particular requirements. Our knowledgeable and experienced Relationship Managers will assist you throughout the entire lending process - from introducing financing options, tailoring them to the specific needs of your business, and guiding you through the application process.

Trade Solutions

Citi operates the largest trade services network in the world. Our trade services can make it easier, more efficient and less risky for your company to do business internationally. Citi is a single source for end-to-end trade services. From issuing a simple letter of credit to more complex trade finance solutions, we offer the security, trust and guidance you would expect from an industry leader. We provide the integrated trade solutions you need to transition from traditional processes to web-enabled capabilities. Working with your Relationship Manager and Citi's wider network of specialist trade advisers enables you to construct a trade strategy appropriate for your business. By using our trade solutions, importers and exporters can improve their cash flow and operational efficiency.

Markets Solutions

Our commitment to helping our clients manage their risks is a catalyst for helping them achieve financial success. We will assist you in developing risk management strategies and implementing financial solutions that span a broad range of asset classes, including currencies, commodities, and interest rates. Through our award-winning foreign exchange services, Citi's industry-leading foreign exchange business provides unique insights and solutions that enable seamless transaction execution globally, regardless of location. Setting the standard in foreign exchange, our unparalleled global scope gives us an exceptional ability to deliver a wide range of market–leading solutions.

Investment Banking & Capital Markets Solutions

Citi offers leading capital-raising strategies and execution expertise to help clients grow their business globally. In partnership with Citi's Investment Banking & Capital Markets Origination Teams, our bankers are focused on the capital-raising needs of their clients, from inaugural issuances and exchanges to cross-border transactions and first-of-their-kind landmark structures. Citi's track record of successfully executing in both buoyant and challenging market conditions is a testament to our unwavering commitment to provide the highest quality service to clients. Citi's advising, structuring and execution expertise has established the firm as a leader in M&A, Debt and Equity Capital Markets.

Wealth Management

In some of the fastest-growing cities around the world, Citi serves a quality, globally diverse client base through simple, flexible and powerful solutions, a network of state-of-the-art retail branch formats, and innovative digital offerings that aim to deliver a simple, secure and seamless client experience. We meet the full range of personal and employee banking needs of our clients by providing checking and savings accounts, loans and mortgages. To us, a Citi client anywhere is a Citi client everywhere.

Fraud Prevention

As digital technology continues to transform the world around us, fraudsters are becoming braver, more creative and increasingly sophisticated. At Citi, we understand the challenges you face and passionate about helping protect your business. Citi Commercial Bank has created procedures to help prevent, detect, respond to, and recover from all types of fraud attacks. Through a culture of collaboration, we fuse intelligence from a variety of sources to deter attacks, reduce risk, and foster effective decision-making.
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