Mexican Market Spotlight:

Mexico boasts the 14th largest economy in the world and is second in Latin America with a population of 116 million, and GDP of US$ 1.2 trillion. Structural reforms in Mexico have recently been approved in fields such as energy, telecommunications, fiscal and labor. These reforms are attracting foreign investors and triggering economic development.

Growth Drivers:

The average annual household income in Mexico has steadily increased to US$13,085 in 2015.4 Households earning more than double that amount, about US$35,467, increased over 200 thousand during the same period as shown in INEGI's (National Institute of Statistics and Geography) last economic census.

Mexico also has one of the lowest total manufacturing costs5 among emerging economies, approximately 25% lower than the US. The country is a manufacturing powerhouse, exporting 80% of its manufactured goods, and has more than 745,000 university students specializing in engineering and technology. Mexico's macroeconomic financials are sound with reserves of US$163 Bn, almost three times its foreign debt.6

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