Taiwanese Market Spotlight:

Geographic advantage and a shared culture have positioned Taiwan as an unrivaled platform for mid-sized businesses seeking growth opportunities in China, one of the fastest-growing and largest economies in the world. With modern infrastructure and incentives to encourage capital investment and R&D, Taiwan has been a high-tech and industrial center for decades. Strong intellectual property rights protections coupled with a well-educated work force are also facilitating Taiwan's emergence as an Asia-Pacific global innovation center and trading hub.

However, even as barriers to international trade are being minimized, challenges remain, including structuring overseas financing, mitigating foreign exchange risks and managing cash flows across vast supply chains.Citi Commercial Bank (CCB) provides commercial banking solutions to help many of Taiwan's top-tier mid-sized businesses overcome the challenges of cross-border trade. Broad industry knowledge and in-depth regional knowledge make CCB Taiwan the perfect match for entrepreneurial, mid-sized enterprises in a full range of industries. Having built extensive networks across Asia, EMEA, Latin America, and the United States, Citi CCB's unrivaled global reach and local expertise gives clients access to Citi's international networks, especially those located in Taiwan's top Asian trading partner countries, China, Singapore and Hong Kong. CCB Taiwan is committed to helping clients simplify the financial complications of doing business regionally and internationally.

"From payment negotiations with clients and suppliers to cross-strait liquidity management, [we have received timely professional services and advice from Citi - our long term business partner."

- A leading textile manufacturer

About Citi Commercial Bank Taiwan

Since opening its first office in Taipei in 1964, Citi has expanded its commercial banking presence in Taiwan to Taoyuan, an aviation transportation hub; Hsinchu, a high-tech center; Taichung, a diversified industrial and commercial city; Tainan, a technology, auto parts and food processing hub; and Kaosiung, a major international port and industrial city. Dedicated teams of experienced, innovative Relationship Managers and product specialists provide expertise and customized solutions that help Taiwanese mid-sized businesses realize their growth objectives.

Michelle Y.L. Yu

CCB Taiwan Country Business Head

Ms. Michele Yu supervises the relationship management teams of CCB Taiwan's Middle Market Enterpises (MME) and Small Market Enterprises (SME) Segments, as well as the Marketing, Commercial Lending Unit, Business Planning, and In-business Compliance Teams. With a footprint across Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung, she oversees more than 100 staff members.

Michelle joined Citi in 1992 as a Management Associate. Later she expanded her roles and responsibilities to include roles in Citi Credit Cards, Retail Banking, and Mortgage. In 2012, Michelle became Head of CitiBusiness, which serves the affluent SME Segment in Taiwan. Under Michelle's leadership, both Citi Mortgage and CitiBusiness displayed significant growth via business re-positioning for affluent segments with innovative products, digital banking, and customized programs for the business. Her strong business acumen and experience in assisting a diverse clientele in Consumer Banking give her a comprehensive perspective as she now services a broad spectrum of commercial clients as part of Citi Commercial Bank Taiwan.