About Citi Commercial Bank Malaysia

Citi's presence in Malaysia dates back to 1959 when it opened its first office in the heart of Malaysia's capital city, Kuala Lumpur. Citi established the Citi Commercial Bank more than 10 years ago and its dedicated, experienced Relationship Managers serve clients from offices in:

Kuala Lumpur, the country's economic and business center

Penang, a diversified manufacturing and high-tech electronics hub

Johore Bahru, which maintains close economic relations with its neighbor, Singapore, located just 21 km to the south

Alfred Chan

CCB Malaysia Country Business Head

Mr. Chan, who has been in his current position for more than eight years, has served clients as a Relationship Manager for CCB and in Citi's Global Subsidiaries Group (GSG). He later became the head of the GSG business then left Citi for a local bank where he worked for four years as Cash & Trade Sales Head. He rejoined Citi a year later as CCB Malaysia Country BusinessHead. In this role, Mr. Chan has helped develop a spirit of product innovation, superior service and commitment to developing deep client partnerships. By choosing to partner with CCB Malaysia, clients work with Relationship Managers whose deep understanding of the country's regulatory and economic environments enable them to serve as Thought Partners.

"Citi is committed to being a Thought Partner to help our clients realize the full potential of their business and make their global ambitions a reality."

- Alfred Chan