Hong Kong Market Spotlight:

Already the financial services hub of Asia, Hong Kong is fast becoming a global commercial center and is regarded as one of the freest and most open economies. Hong Kong occupies an important strategic position at the mouth of the Pearl River where it conducts an active trading business on behalf of mainland China. Its favorable tax structures and location as the gateway to China make Hong Kong an excellent environment for mid-sized wholesalers, trade enterprises, transportation and logistics companies, service providers and manufacturers with cross-border trade aspirations. Hong Kong's economy is based largely on the import of goods for export.1

To manage potential exposure to international financial fluctuations and simplify the complexities of international trade, companies that do business in Hong Kong leverage Citi Commercial Bank solutions that are custom-designed to meet their specific needs. CCB, the only US-based commercial bank in Hong Kong, delivers an unrivaled combination of global reach and local market expertise that provides clients with direct access to Relationship Managers in Hong Kong's top trading partner countries, including China, the US, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.2

1 The port of Hong Kong Handbook and Directory
2 Hong Kong Census and Statistics Dept

"East Arts Jewelry Manufacturing Limited has had a long and pleasant relationship with Citi Commercial Bank since 2004 and the bank has now become East Arts' core bank. East Arts is able to secure new orders from buyers with minimal risk with Citi Commercial Bank's end to end trade financing solution, including export trade financing with credit protection. This is especially crucial to East Arts with its 45,000 square foot production base in China, and its extensive market coverage that includes the US, Europe, Australia, South America, Middle East and South East Asian countries."

- Mr. Billy Lau, founder and Managing Director of East Arts, a wholesaler, manufacturer, and exporter of quality designed jewelry

About Citi Commercial Bank Hong Kong

Citibank opened its first office in Hong Kong in 1902 and established its Global Commercial Banking Division in 1999. As of January 2015, CCB Hong Kong boasts 4,700 clients and is dedicated to helping them do business around the world. CCB is committed to partnering with clients and taking the time to understand their businesses and unique financial needs. Relationship Managers in Hong Kong and around the world are experienced at developing commercial banking solutions that help clients' leverage opportunities and manage the risks associated with cross-border trade.

Anson Kwok

CCB Hong Kong Country Business Head

Mr. Kwok joined Citi in 1991 as Senior Risk Manager in Credit Risk Management and was appointed to his present position in 2007. In his role, he manages 14 teams of Relationship Managers and Business Development Officers.

Beyond his banking duties, Mr. Kwok also leads Citibank's partnership with the annual Youth Leadership Program with Hong Kong Polytechnic University's Institute for Entrepreneurship.

At Citi, Mr. Kwok has held roles ranging from managing the National Corporate Division, marketing to top tier conglomerates and Public Sector entities, to Head of Sales in Commercial Banking.

"It is hard to start an enterprise, yet harder to keep it going. As a Thought Partner to our clients, Citi Commercial Bank not only provides financial support, but also matches their needs on talent development. At Citi Commercial Bank, our dedicated team ensures that our clients' potential is attained."

- Anson Kwok