The Bank of the Future

Citi GPS: Global Perspectives & Solutions March 2018 © 2018 Citigroup 16 Figure 9. Checklist to Identify Potential Winners Among Incumbent Banks Would Include Screening for Banks With: Rating Parameters: [1] Incumbent Bank senior leadership team focused on digital transformation (High; Medium; Low) [2] Relatively simpler business mix by geography and product (High = simple mix; Low = complicated) [3] A cushion of better existing financial returns that allows mgmt. to divert its attention from near-term fire-fighting (Based on current ROA) [4] National regulator / govt. supportive of digital transformation ASIA PACIFIC: Australia High High Medium High China Medium High Low Medium Hong Kong Medium Medium High Medium India Medium High High High Indonesia Medium High High Medium Korea Low High Low Medium Malaysia Medium Medium Medium Medium Philippines Medium High High Medium Singapore High Medium Medium High Taiwan Medium High Medium Low Thailand Medium High High Medium EUROPE: BeNeLux High Medium High / Medium Medium France Medium Low Medium Medium Germany Medium Low Low Medium Italy Medium High Low Medium Poland High High Medium High Russia High High Medium High Scandinavia High High High Medium Spain High Medium / High Medium Medium Switzerland Medium / High Medium Medium High Turkey High High Medium High United Kingdom Medium Low Low High LATIN AMERICA: Brazil High Medium Medium / High High Mexico Medium / High Medium / High Medium Medium MIDDLE EAST, AFRICA: Saudi Arabia Low High Medium Medium South Africa High High Medium High UAE Medium High Medium High NORTH AMERICA: Canada High Medium High Medium US Medium / High Medium Medium / High Medium Source: Citi Research