Open a Citibank Time Deposit and enjoy all the benefits and prestige of being a customer of the world's leading financial services institution; a bank that has more than 3,500 branches in 100 countries around the world.

Earn interest

A Citibank Time Deposit in any major currency of your choice, will earn interest on deposit .

You choose the period

With a minimum of one week, you are free to choose the period of your deposit.

Immediate emergency access

In an emergency, you can access your money right away. You will still receive interest for the time the funds remained in your Time Deposit. In the event of early recall, interest deduction is applicable. If however, you break your deposit within two weeks, no interest will be paid.

Any currency you like

Choose to have your deposit in a range of major currencies.

Phone Banking

CitiPhone Banking allows you to conduct most of your transactions over the telephone, without having to visit the bank. You can open, renew or close your Time Deposit on the phone. The CitiPhone Banking Service connects you directly to a CitiPhone Banking Officer without having to leave your home or office.

Worldwide Remittances

You can rely on Citibank to make remittances, which include Telegraphic Transfers and Drafts quickly and efficiently.

You can be sure of fast and precise transactions. And with a worldwide network of branches and correspondent banks, you can remit your money with confidence anywhere in the world.

Your Finances at a glance

Citibank's Consolidated quarterly Statement provides summarized details of all your accounts on one statement. This means that you are immediately able to get a clear picture of your overall financial position, at a glance.

Peace of Mind

A Time Deposit with Citibank also entitles you to the peace of mind that comes when you bank at one of the world's largest banks. A bank with a global network, that means wherever you are in the world, you can always count on Citibank.


The products and services mentioned in this document are not offered to individuals resident in the European Union, European Economic Area, Switzerland, Guernsey and Jersey. This document is not, and should not be construed as, an offer, invitation or solicitation to buy or sell any of the products and services mentioned herein to such individuals.

The above rates are subject to change. Citibank's General Terms and Conditions apply, are subject to change and are available upon request. Prior to booking, varying or withdrawing a Term Deposit, please refer to the current General Terms and Conditions. Interest on the deposit will be paid on maturity. The Time Deposit is subject to the minimum balance limit determined by Citibank from time to time. Unless otherwise instructed by the Customer on or before the date of maturity, a Time Deposit may, at Citibank's discretion, be automatically renewed for like periods of time at the interest rate determined by Citibank to be in accordance with prevailing market returns in respect of such deposits. Where a Customer withdraws a Time Deposit early this will be subject to the payment of a fee, penalty and/or charge as Citibank deems appropriate in the circumstances and which may be modified from time to time. Early withdrawal of Time Deposits is subject to the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions. Citibank shall deduct a fee from the amount of interest earned where there is any early withdrawal of a Time Deposit. The Customer acknowledges that Citibank may at its discretion vary the provisions applicable to early withdrawal of Time Deposits including but not limited to the interest rate and the basis of calculation of the interest rate applicable from time to time. All securities and property held by Citibank in the Customer's name, including time deposits, may be held as security for the payment of any amounts due to Citibank from the Customer.

Citibank Terms and Conditions apply and are subject to change with prior notice. They are available upon request or on our website 'Fresh funds' refer to the funds that are received up to maximum 30 days prior to the date of time deposit booking and do not originate from any existing account with Citibank in Bahrain or Citi globally. Any funds which are not 'fresh funds' will be rebooked at the prevailing standard rate. On maturity, deposits booked with auto-rollover will be placed at the prevailing interest rate applicable at the time of roll over. All fees and charges mentioned in the Schedule of Fees and Charges apply and can be found on our website. Citibank, N.A. Bahrain Branch is licensed by Central Bank of Bahrain as a conventional Retail and Wholesale Bank.