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Shell Drive for FiveSM Card
Shell Fleet Credit Card
Shell Fleet Plus Card
  Key Benefits:
Reduced fuel costs.
Reduce fleet fuel costs by as much as 6¢ per gallon depending on your monthly purchases
Total number of Gallons Purchased in Billing Cycle Per Gallon Rebate1
0 - 299.99 $0.0
300 - 3,499.99 $0.03
3,500 - 7,999.99 $0.04
8,000 - 9,999.99 $0.05
10,000+ $0.06
  Reports you need to control costs.
  Get extensive management information to monitor and control fuel expenses. Itemized cost breakouts can include mileage analysis, fuel grades/prices paid, non-fuel purchase and more. Cost totals can be billed to the vehicle, company, department or customer account.
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Expense Summary Report View/Download Now
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  Why drivers like it
  No fuel/vehicle expense reports to file.
  Accepted at thousands of Shell stations and participating Jiffy Lube® locations nationwide.
  Car wash and/or food marts at most locations.
  24-hour service at most locations.
  Purchase authorization
  Choose from the following card restrictions: No Restrictions, Fuel Only, Fuel and Oil Only, or Fuel, Oil and Maintenance Only. For added security, individual Driver ID Numbers can be assigned to your employees, preventing card use by unauthorized users.
  1Maximum Diesel rebate per month: $300
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