Companies we work with. These companies are any third-party agents that conduct business on behalf of Citi. The services they provide include, but are not limited to, communications (e.g., email), marketing, data processing, customer acquisition and servicing and advertisement management.  
  When we use other companies to provide services for us, we require them to protect the confidentiality of information they receive.  
  Cookies. A cookie is a small text file that a web server may place on your computer when you visit a site. The file uniquely identifies a computer. Information stored in a cookie sent by Citi can only be read by Citi or companies we work with.  
  IP Address. An Internet Protocol address is a unique number, assigned to a computer or device that connects to the Internet, that identifies that computer or device.  
  Personal Information. Information such as name, address, telephone number, and email address that identifies a person.  
  Pixel Tag. A pixel tag is a transparent graphic image, sometimes called a web beacon or tracking beacon, placed on a web page or in an email, which indicates that a page or email has been viewed. In addition, a pixel tag may tell your browser to get content from another server.  
  The pixel tags on Citiís sites are set only by companies we work with and supervise. In order to ensure the safekeeping of your information, network advertising companies and publishers are not permitted to directly collect information on our site.  
  Marketing Segments. These are groups of unique individuals or users categorized using information such as behaviors, demographics, attitudes and/or geographic differences.  
  Companies can create marketing segments by using technologies like IP addresses to compile, over time, aggregated, non-personal information about how consumers are using the Internet. They consider where users saw and/or clicked on content and advertisements, and use this information to make inferences and predictions about the usersí characteristics, interests and preferences. This information does not identify you personally nor does it report on particular online activities or behaviors.  
  Third-party Websites. Sites that are not operated by Citi and are not subject to our Online Privacy Statement. We encourage you to read the privacy policies on these sites.