Vehicle Redemption Form

Please print and return this completed form to the address indicated below within 90 days of your purchase or lease date, along with a copy of your proof of purchase. For a monthly lease payment, please include a copy of your original lease agreement indicating the payment amount and vehicle information. Upon review and approval, you will receive your check within 4-6 weeks from the date that we receive your redemption request. Please note that any documents you submit cannot be returned.
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About your vehicle:
I'm redeeming for (check any that apply):
     Lease Down Payment
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     New Vehicle
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Date of Purchase/Lease
Vehicle Identification No.
(VIN° Optional)

Amount Paid for Vehicle
Please enclose a copy of one of the following as proof of purchase or lease* (check one):
Dealership Bill of Sale
Lease Agreement
For Used Car Private Sale: You must send a copy of the vehicle registration if you purchased your car from a private party, along with a copy of one of the following as proof of the amount paid: (1) Cancelled check or bank draft, wire transfer confirmation, or similar proof of funds transfer, or (2) Bill of sale signed by the previously registered owner of the vehicle evidencing the amount paid.
I certify that I have purchased or leased the vehicle identified above.
Primary Cardmember Signature

Mail completed form within 90 days of purchase or lease to:
Citi Driver's Edge Redemption Center
PO BOX 6097
Sioux Falls, SD 57117-6097

*Citibank reserves the right to request additional information prior to processing.
You may call 1-800-967-8500 to find out your available Driver's Edge rebates. Any unredeemed rebates remain in your account.
To transfer Driver's Edge rebates:
If an authorized user or household member, residing at your address, has purchased an eligible vehicle, you may redeem your rebates for that purchase. Please note that the redemption check will be made out in the name of the primary cardmember.
For redeeming rebates: I certify that
has purchased an eligible vehicle and is an authorized user of my account or member of my household, and I will be using my rebates to redeem toward this purchase."
Primary Cardmember Signature

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