You will earn 10% college savings when you a) purchase Upromise participating grocery and drug store items in accordance with any manufacturer contribution requirements of such items, b) use your Citi Upromise Card to make such purchase at Upromise participating grocery and drug stores, and c) use a grocery or drug store loyalty card registered in your Upromise account at checkout if the participating store offers a loyalty card. Please note that your Citi Upromise Card and your grocery and drug store loyalty cards must be registered in the same Upromise account. In order to get the 10% college savings at grocery and drug stores that do not offer a loyalty card, you must activate your registered Citi Upromise Card in the Grocery Card section of your Account Profile on the Upromise website. The college savings that you can earn for such grocery and drug store purchases are not limited in amount.

    You will earn 2% college savings when you a) make eligible gasoline purchases (excluding diesel fuel) at any Exxon and Mobil location in accordance with any ExxonMobil contribution requirements, and b) use your registered Citi Upromise Card. The college savings that you earn from such gasoline purchases are not limited in amount.

    For a list of participating grocery and drug store items and participating grocery stores, drug stores and gas stations visit Participating products and participating stores are determined solely by Upromise and are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

    In addition to the grocery store, drug store and gasoline college savings described above, you will earn 1% college savings on purchases made with your Citi Upromise Card; however the amount of college savings that you can earn from the 1% college savings is limited to 1% of $30,000 in purchases posted to your January through December billing statements, which is equal to $300 per credit card account per calendar year.

    You can only earn college contributions from Citi if you become a Upromise member and if your cardís enrollment in the Citi Upromise Reward Program is complete. You will receive information with your card telling you how to become a Upromise member if you are not one yet. Processing of your cardís enrollment in the Upromise Program is usually completed within ten (10) business days, although in some cases this may take longer. Upromise registration and enrollment can only be done online, therefore you must have access to the internet and an email address. Until Citi and Upromise have completed processing your enrollment, any purchases you make on your Citi Upromise Card will not earn college contributions.

    College savings contributions are available on purchases excluding card membership fees, balance transfers, cash advances, returns, credits, convenience checks, finance charges, and any substantially similar charges and fees.

    If purchase credits exceed purchases posted to your statement, no contributions will be credited to your Upromise account, and the amount of excess purchase credits will be subtracted from purchases posted to your next Citi monthly statement.

    To earn college savings from Citi your Citi Upromise Card account must be open and not in default under your Card Agreement.

    Should you cancel your Upromise membership for any reason, Citi will no longer make contributions to Upromise on your behalf even though you may continue using your Citi Upromise Card.

    You acknowledge that Citi will report to Upromise college savings contributions earned on your account. You also acknowledge that Citi will share with Upromise experiential and transactional information regarding you and your account.

    Following the transfer of contributions to your Upromise account, Citi shall not be responsible or liable in connection with administration of Upromise service benefits, which shall be the sole responsibility of Upromise, Inc.

    The Upromise Program is offered at the sole discretion of Upromise, Inc. From time to time, Upromise may change the program rules, restrictions or benefits including terminating the Upromise Program at any time without prior notice to you.