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College Savings Plan - FAQs
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How much should I invest for my child's education?
Citibank® College Savings Plan make your dreams for your children become a reality. Education costs are spiraling as the following chart shows how the average cost of tuition and fees at an average-priced public or private school can increase over the course of 18 years at an inflation rate of 5.7% p.a.

Estimated Future Cost of 4 year College Education

Child's Age Now Public College
Private College
15 $53,068 133,988
12 $61,433 155,108
9 $71,117 179,557
6 $82,327 $207,860
3 $95,303 $240,624
Newborn $110,325 $278,552

Your greatest ally in saving for your child's college education is time - the earlier you start, the less money you'll likely need to put aside. That's because your money will have more time to grow (and to weather market fluctuations). Small amounts regularly set aside can grow substantially over time.

Monthly Investments required to save for your child's college education

If your child's age is
15 Yrs
12 Yrs
9 Yrs
6 Yrs
3 Yrs
New Born

So how do I create a plan and when should I begin?
Your Relationship Manager will help you create a plan to meet your objectives. Small amounts invested in Citibank® College Savings Plan can grow substantially over time. Citibank® will help you select the Investment programme that best suits your profile and objective. Click here to start a Citibank® College Savings Plan today.

What makes Citibank® College Savings Plan unique?
30 day FREE trial period

Flexibility to top up your regular monthly investment plan with lump-sum amounts as and when you have surplus funds to invest.

You can shift your funds from one profile to another FREE of cost up to 3 times a year, after the initial three year period.


Are there any added benefits to this Plan?
You will receive Personal Accident Insurance Cover for yourself depending on the monthly contribution, from ALICO-Family Guard*

Family Guard Cover

Monthly Contribution
($ p.m.)
Personal Accident Insurance Cover
100 50,000
500 250,000
1,000 500,000
2,000 1,000,000
5,000 2,500,000

Click here to start a Citibank® College Savings Plan today.

Investment products are not bank deposits or obligations or guaranteed by Citibank® N.A., Citigroup Inc. or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries unless specifically stated. Investment products are not insured by government or governmental agencies. Investment and Treasury products are subject to Investment risk, including possible loss of principal amount invested. Past performance is not indicative of future results: prices can go up or down. Investors investing in investments and/or treasury products denominated in non-local currency should be aware of the risk of exchange rate fluctuations that may cause loss of principal when foreign currency is converted to the investors home currency. Investment and Treasury products are not available to U.S. persons. All applications for investments and treasury products are subject to Terms and Conditions of the individual investment and Treasury products.

*Citibank® Family Guard is a personal accident insurance plan underwritten and issued by American Life Insurance Company (ALICO) and is not an obligation of Citibank® N.A. Citibank® Family Guard is subject to ALICO Terms and Conditions. Citibank® N.A. will not be held responsible if any application/claim is rejected. Citibank® N.A. does not offer insurance advice or underwrite or issue insurance policies. Citibank® N.A. only provides customer support to the customer, receives payments from the customer and forwards them to ALICO. Premiums paid by the customer for this insurance plan are not a bank deposit or other obligation of, or guaranteed by Citibank® N.A., Citigroup or any of their affiliates and are subject to risks and possible loss of principal amount invested. Citibank® N.A. reserves the right to change the insurance company, which underwrites and issues the Citibank® Family Guard without prior notice to the customer. Citibank® Family Guard is optional and not a condition of any Citibank® N.A. product offered.

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