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Training Curriculum

The training efforts focus on below five major areas which address employees’  individual development needs. Apart from those available today we are constantly working on developing more modules which will fill all gaps and address all needs.

Sales and Customer Service - programs focused on improving technical competence, product knowledge and personal confidence of all employees in the Branches, Citiphone and Direct Sales areas.
They are tailored to the specific needs of all front line staff, who deal with existing and/ or potential future customers. Courses address different needs of staff depending on their experience, type of performed job and amount of exposure to clients.

People Management - programs are designed to assist managers on all levels - those who just step into the supervisory role, those who need a review of their skills as well as those who lead mature teams.
The “People Courses” are introduced to new managers as a “self development journey” starting from developing their self awareness through a 360 degree feedback report. Learning practical skills, necessary to perform daily tasks as supervisors happens in the classroom environment. Graduates of Leadership Courses are also supported by “on the job” Individual Development Program with participation of coaches from HR and Training Department.
Apart from long ( 2-3 day) courses, we offer short  technical modules such as: Interviewing Skills, Performance Appraisal or Coaching skills programs.

Product Knowledge courses provide delegates with detailed knowledge of company products available to our customers. Product knowledge is delivered on different levels - depending on the profile of target audience - sales, middle or back office. Regular “refreshers“, offered to front line staff are key focus areas - in many cases they are mandatory part of the job performance (for example Investment Product Certification).

Soft Skills & Personal Development Technical and soft skills in such areas as Time Management, Computer Applications, Presentations or Project Management are delivered as open classroom available to all bank divisions - nominations are addressed on individual bases.

Corporate Training - Global Orientation, Cultural Awareness and Compliance programs deliver broad picture of the Citibank working environment and clearly define our company culture, vision and current business priorities. They are delivered to every single Citibank employee upon hiring.
Compliance courses are mandatory for all Citibankers and are delivered on line as semi-annual refreshers with tests.

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow”