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What is the Management Associate Development Program?  ^ Top

In almost all of our businesses, we offer structured programs for young professionals. The Management Associate Development Program is one of them. It has been designed to develop and provide Citibank’s ME&A region with a new generation of diverse, highly talented, trained leaders who will ultimately be capable of directing a business. 

The program combines on-the-job experience with training modules and other learning tools, and are intended to prepare participants for future leadership positions in the organization. Management Associates will go through 3 rotational assignments to allow them to develop a broad understanding of the different areas of the bank, its operations and processes.

Do Management Associates receive full-time job offers?
  ^ Top

Management Associates are afforded the opportunity to contribute and learn during the program. Full-time offers of employment will be extended to those whose performance and demonstrated potential meet the needs of the business.

What opportunities are available at Citibank?  ^ Top

There are myriad opportunities available for applicants interested in developing and managing their careers. Appropriate job placement will be based on performance and skills. Management Associate’s preference will be taken into account subject to business needs and availability.

Do I need to have a background in Finance in order to work at Citibank?  ^ Top

There are opportunities for people with many different skills at Citibank. Although most of our positions do require some background in, or general knowledge of, finance, many opportunities are open to all disciplines. Our interview process is designed to identify individuals who possess skills and potential that we believe to be critical to a high-performance future at Citibank and qualities that we know from experience can be found across a variety of academic disciplines. All applicants are reviewed based on these qualities and how they match our business needs.


Is there an ideal candidate for a job at Citibank?  ^ Top

Our employees are smart, hard working and engaging. We look for candidates who possess self-confidence and are willing and able to accept real challenges. We need bright, capable individuals who think and plan with intensity; respond and execute quickly; and deploy and develop their skills in flexible, globally oriented teams.

Will Citibank representatives be coming to interview at my campus?  ^ Top

Consult our On Campus calendar regularly for an up-to-date calendar of when and where we will be presenting and interviewing. We also recommend that you contact your school's Career Services Office to find out if and when we will visit your campus. As each Career Services Office has different requirements for interview sign-up, we suggest that you follow local procedures.

What can you tell me about Citibank’s interview process?  ^ Top

Citibank’s interview process is designed to identify potential leaders. Our interview is very much a discussion about your accomplishments, goals, and interests. The campus interview is 30-45 minutes long and will review your education and work history (if any). It is designed to focus on you. After the initial on-campus screening, the interviewer, along with the hiring business, will determine whether candidates will be invited to a second round of interviews at the bank.

Students will typically be informed within five to ten business days of their first interview as to whether they will be invited for second rounds. During the second round of interviews, students will participate in interviews with representatives from the hiring business.

Whom will I meet on campus?  ^ Top

Our university recruiting teams are composed of managers from our business units. As representatives of their business unit, they help introduce students to the opportunities at Citibank and join our professional recruiters in screening applicants on campus. Together they make up a team committed to building a relationship with each university and with its students. 

Life at Citibank:

Why should I work for Citibank?  ^ Top

Joining Citibank means joining a global leader in financial services. Citibank offers employees first-class training and a variety of career opportunities across functions and geographies. Moreover, we provide a challenging and competitive work environment for employees with a desire to succeed and make a difference.

What kind of career path awaits me at Citibank?  ^ Top

At Citibank, career advancement is based on merit. Employees are mostly responsible for their own progression and are encouraged to take active roles in directing their careers. There is no "typical" career path. If you show the ability and determination to get things done, there may be many opportunities for professional growth.

What is the work environment like at Citibank?
  ^ Top

Ask any Citibank professional this question and you will hear variations on the same theme. You'll quickly see that we all work hard in a dynamic and challenging global environment. In any area of our business, you'll find a mix of intelligent, hard-working and well-rounded people. We're friendly, but we like to compete. We're informal, and we respect one another. We are proud that we work for one of the great financial institutions in the world, and we challenge each other and ourselves every day to live up to that.

I am interested in continuing to develop my skills. What support and training will I receive at Citibank?  ^ Top

Each business unit varies in the scope and content of its training modules. All of our business units provide both formal and on-the-job skills training, with regular opportunities for employees to explore ways of enhancing their skills.

MAs will continue to learn and grow while supporting the goals of their business units. Their professional development will continue to progress and will be tracked throughout their careers in Citibank.

The Big Picture – Citigroup: The Organization

Citigroup talks about being global – what does that really mean?  ^ Top

We do business in more than 100 countries and our employees interact with individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures, are flexible and adaptive, and work in a variety of settings. Although employees may have opportunities to travel or to live and interact globally, not all of our positions require (or offer) international travel or relocation.

What is Citigroup doing to promote corporate citizenship?  ^ Top
We are a global company with a local focus. In all locations, we adhere to the same high standards of ethics, fair lending and fair access to financial services, customer privacy, diversity in hiring, and cultural and environmental sensitivity. We believe that extending our resources to benefit others is the right thing to do, and we realize that economically healthy communities are necessary for business success. 

Where can I find out about Citigroup’s stand on issues such as the environment or business practices?  ^ Top

To find out about Citigroup's positions, programs and initiatives in areas ranging from the environment and diversity to business practices and privacy-

Visit – http://www.citigroup.com/citigroup/citizen/index.htm