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Citibank Alerting Service

Banking everyday. Updates everytime.
Stay posted with Citibank Alerting Service.
Citibank Alerting Service provides SMS and email notifications which enables you to keep track of your account activity.
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Key Features:
Keep track of your money ..
Citibank Alerting Service provides you with information on your Citibank Credit Card or Banking Account or any other financial relationship that you may have with Citibank - through reminders, alerts and confirmations. For example, it could alert you when your salary gets credited to your account or confirm that the fund transfer you had requested has been done.
The choice is yours - You choose what kind of information you would like to receive.
At your request ..
You can choose to receive messages once a day or once a week or once a month - all this with a one time single sign-up on Citibank Online.
Wherever you are ..
Even if you are traveling you can receive your alerts by accessing your email.
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Terms and Conditions :
  1. Account-Specific alerts provide you with information related to your accounts with Citibank. Once enrolled, you can start receiving alerts via SMS or Email, as required. We will send the Alerts to your U.A.E. Mobile number and/or e-mail address you provide on your application or an email address or mobile number you subsequently inform us about, so you should ensure that such are confidential to you and cannot be accessed by others.
  2. You acknowledge and accept that each Alert is sent to you in an unencrypted format and may include information relating to your Account. You should ensure any information received by you in an Alert is kept secure.
  3. You can change your mobile number or e-mail address to which you wish to receive Alerts by contacting us.
  4. We will only send Alerts to one e-mail address and/or one mobile number per Account.
  5. Alerts are subject to the Terms and Conditions of your agreement(s) with your mobile phone network provider and/or internet service provider. You are responsible for any fees imposed by your mobile phone service and/or internet service provider of any kind whatsoever relating to the Alerting Service.
  6. We are not liable for events outside our reasonable control, such as failures of any machine, data processing system or similar.
  7. Citibank neither guarantees the delivery, accuracy, security, nor confidentiality of the contents of an Alert. You should promptly update Citibank of any change to your email address and/or mobile number. Citibank shall not be liable to you or anyone else for any losses or damages arising from the Alerts service including but not limited to (a) a non-delivery, delayed delivery, wrong delivery or partial delivery of an Alert; (b) inaccurate contents of an Alert; (c) access to the contents of an Alert by any unauthorized persons; or (d) your use or reliance on the content of an Alert for any purposes including investment and business purposes.
  8. Citibank reserves the right to charge for this service. Citibank reserves the right to refuse or terminate any request by me for an Alert at any time. Citibank shall be entitled to vary the terms and conditions relating to the Alerts service.