Payments for Meetings and Events (M&E) often fall outside standard payment processes, which can lead to inefficiencies and nonstandard procedures, wasting your employees’ time and costing the company money. The Citi® Meeting Card solutions help eliminate waste by optimally capturing all of your M&E expenses. From cards in-hand to virtual payment options, Citi’s global solution provides the flexibility and controls needed to accommodate a meeting of two or two hundred with confidence and ease – all while helping to keep everyone on budget.

This Card is Best For:

Companies & Organizations that desire flexible payment options, providing efficiency and cost savings at every step of the meeting management process. Our premium tools provide the right data and controls to help lower event-related costs and enforce pre-allocated meeting budgets. Our M&E solutions arm you with the know-how necessary to improve your negotiated vendor rates, lower your back-end processing costs and reduce your reconciliation workload.

Program Administrators who want more control over who can spend what, where and when. Whether Meeting Planners use our robust traditional Meeting Card or our innovative Virtual Meeting Card to pay for their events, reconciliation is a breeze through our comprehensive reporting capability. And with the Citi solution, workflow approval can be set at the employee, amount, merchant, or period of use level, maximizing both flexibility and control.

Employees who need a simple way to pay for meetings. The Citi® Meeting Card solution allows you to seamlessly pay for many purchases, big or small, and easily reconcile expenses with Citi’s online statements and robust reporting capabilities. With the flexibility of a plastic card and a virtual payment tool, expenses can be covered while enabling full spend visibility. A win-win for both you and your company.


* Only in the U.S.

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