At Citi, we know managing and monitoring the details of your organization’s travel and entertainment (T&E) spend is just as important as providing your employees with a globally accepted card. With the Citi® Corporate Card you can benefit from comprehensive visibility into your organization’s total global spend, with limited reliance on other banks –providing maximum program consistency and satisfying your employees’ business needs.

This Card is Best For:

Companies & Organizations that incur travel & entertainment expenses, require a globally consistent footprint, demand a consistent customer experience, and need complete spend visibility and control of their programs.

Program Administrators who need to efficiently manage an organization’s expense program, require global account management and servicing support, need to easily obtain spend reports, manage spend limits, and perform other administration functions.

Employees who incur approved business expenses like air travel, hotel bookings, restaurants, couriers, phone bills, office supplies and more – anywhere in the world.


* Only in the U.S.

Manage your program or account via a globally consistent online tool.