Built to deliver maximum convenience with minimum effort, the Citi® Central Travel Account (CTA), is a centrally billed payment tool that works in tandem with your Citi® Corporate Card program by capturing group and non-employee business travel bookings anywhere across the globe. Bookings made through your designated travel management company are expensed to one central payment card for simplified reconciliation at the company level. Online statements provide detailed travel information, while data rich reports allow for trip, spend, and department analysis.

This Card is Best For:

Companies & Organizations that need the ability to better monitor and control travel-related expenses. Citi has developed the Central Travel Account (CTA) for wherever you do business. Globally available, our payment tool allows you to centralize your group and transient travel booking process to ensure increased controls and compliance with your travel policy. Through the robust reporting capabilities, your travel managers can enjoy simplified reconciliation and increased transparency into all of your company’s travel expenses for improved travel management decisions and increased savings.

Program Administrators who need an easy and efficient way to cover the travel costs of employee groups, non-employees, infrequent travelers, new hires who have yet to receive their Corporate Card. A Citi Central Travel Account (CTA) ensures bookings are made within allowed spend limits, at the preferred vendors, and only for those individuals who have been approved. Provide your Citi CTA account number to your existing Travel Management Company (TMC) and the next time you or anyone in your organization books travel through your TMC, the flight and agency fees will be automatically billed to your Citi CTA.

Employees who are new to the firm, infrequent travelers, contractors, or employees attending a group event. Paying for your business trip is a breeze with the Central Travel Account (CTA). Simply make your booking with your company’s travel management company and your flight is booked, costs are covered, and you’re on your way!


* Only in the U.S.

Manage your program or account via a globally consistent online tool.