With the Citi® Project Card, the payment and management of project-related expenses, your organization can reduce the time required to review, process, reconcile, and manage payments associated with non-standard work efforts. Once a project is identified, the organization can preselect the maximum spend allowed on the Citi® Project Card as well as the length of time the card will remain active, based on anticipated activity and usage. As the cardholder makes purchases or cash withdrawals, the available balance declines until the card limit is exhausted. Unlike traditional card products, making payments towards the account balance does not refresh the credit limit and any charges made after the defined expiration date will be declined.

This Card is Best For:

Companies & Organizations that hire consultants, leverage temporary workers, and launch discrete projects. For each one of these scenarios, your organization receives a multi-page invoice listing various expenses and fees, often with items ’bundled’, which creates challenges in determining the true itemized costs. With a Citi® Project Card, you are able to gain greater visibility into the spend for your organization’s projects, down to the transaction details. Now you will truly know where your money went – while keeping it all on your Citi® Commercial Card program for maximum overall benefit.

Program Administrators who find managing expenses for short-term projects and temporary workers to be a hassle. Managing payments and budgets often falls out of the mainstream processes, requiring manual workarounds which are inefficient and reduce visibility into an organizations complete spend. The Citi® Project Card offers a simple way to gain control and visibility on spend related to consultants, temporary workers and those assigned to discrete projects by providing a convenient payment and reporting mechanism to track those purchases. Leveraging the same global online reporting and program management tools as with your Citi® Corporate Card offering, your organization’s Citi® Project Card spend falls right in line with your current processes, relieving some of the burdens of project management.

Employees who want to charge confidently, without fear of overspend. The Citi® Project Card will stop any transaction that is over the allowed Project Card value or made after the allowed time period, helping to ensure you are following your organization’s expense policy. And when you sign-up for Citi Alerts, you can be notified by SMS or email of your outstanding balance, latest transactions, and when your Citi® Project Card is about to expire or reach its limit. Now that’s convenience. That’s the Citi® Project Card.


* Only in the U.S.

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