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Citibank® Unclaimed Property Reporting Service

Citibank® Unclaimed Property Reporting Service assists you in managing outstanding aged checks. As this is a comprehensive, fully outsourced service for all states and jurisdictions, you can:

  • Gain a single solution for reporting to all states and government entities
  • Avoid costly penalties
  • Maintain compliance in each state you do business in, regarding most property types
  • Eliminate back-office tracking requirements
  • Maintain a rigorous process for due diligence and check re-issuance
  • Enhance overall compliance and reporting for abandoned property
  • Save money by escheating the right items at the right time

As part of Citibank Unclaimed Property Reporting Service, Citi will:

  • Manage your payment and escheatment needs, including data collection/analysis, due diligence and check re-issuance
  • Monitor state laws
  • Advise and consult on initial assessments, past due liabilities, mergers & acquisitions, negotiations with states, and audit defense

Learn about the benefits of a multi-product solution that´s customized for your specific North American or global payment needs.