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Citibank® Commercial Cards

Citibank® Online Statements

Citibank® Online Statements puts all the details of your employees’ card charges online – for fast access and streamlined review…without all the paper.

Comprehensive Data, Timely Processing

Combined with our comprehensive reporting tools, Citibank Online Statements is just one more way we put you in control of your card programs. Cardholders and program administrators alike have secure access to statements, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Cardholders are notified by e-mail when statements are available for review online, downloading or printing
  • Program administrators can also view statements via the Web for a more streamlined process
Fast, Efficient and Easy-to-Use

No matter what Citibank® Commercial Card program you have – Purchasing, Travel, Fleet or One Card – Citibank Online Statements will simply get statements to your employees faster. And the navigation is so intuitive that virtually any level of Web user will find our online statements tool easy to learn and master.

Unmatched Security and Support

Citibank Online Statements is backed by the latest technologies, so you are assured that the integrity of your data and statements is secure at all times. Plus, with our online and phone-based technical support – you always have access to the answers you need, just when you need them.