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Citibank® Commercial Cards

Citibank® Electronic Reporting System

With acceptance at more than 22 million merchants worldwide, Citibank® Commercial Cards makes travel and purchasing a breeze for your cardholders. But, that’s only part of the story. When it comes to increasing your card program’s efficiency and effectively managing expenses, Citi knows it is all in the details.

That is why we provide card program managers and financial planners with the most advanced online data management and reporting tools available. Tools that deliver to your desktop, when and how you need them…valuable details about card users’ transactions – everything from line-item and folio level details to consolidated global transactions. Tools like the Citibank® Electronic Reporting System that make it easier and faster to download, manage and distribute transaction reports.

Powerful Technology
Citibank’s advanced technology and global proprietary processing systems ensure the security and integrity of your data and transactions. And, best of all, whether you have a Citibank® Purchasing, Travel, Fleet or One Card program, you can access data any time of the day using our easy-to-navigate menus.

Streamlined Report Management
The Citibank Electronic Reporting System lets you maximize the value of your Citibank Commercial Cards program – and reduce or eliminate costs related to running, distributing and storing paper reports.

Our straightforward online presentation of data, reports and files allows you to:

  • Select, download and print billing, mapper/reallocation files and reports
  • Search reports online
  • Receive e-mail notifications when files or reports become available
  • Access online training, support and assistance