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Citibank® Commercial Cards

Citibank® Custom Reporting System

Managing expenses can be a daunting task if you do not have the data you need when you need it. That is why Citibank® Commercial Cards offers the most comprehensive online tools available for capturing and managing information related to your card transactions – from line-item details to consolidated transaction data and everything in between.

No matter which Citibank Commercial Cards program you use, the Citibank® Custom Reporting System provides you with precisely the details you need to:

  • Negotiate with vendors
  • Better understand employee spending habits
  • Ensure compliance with organizational policies

Comprehensive Data, Flexible Delivery
Create dynamic queries with easy-to-use wizards and download data into spreadsheet, database or word processing formats – all from a single application, available in eleven languages, that provides you with:

  • Online access to over 600 data elements, including Level III detail
  • Stored customizations by user for faster report set-up
  • E-mail notification so you can retrieve reports at your convenience
  • The ability to schedule reports to run when you need them
  • The capability to “drill down” to deeper levels of detail
  • On-the-fly design tools
Ongoing Support
Proprietary processing systems ensure the security and integrity of your data and transactions. And technical support is available online and by phone to provide the just-in-time answers you need.