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Citibank® Commercial Cards

Citibank® Purchasing Card

The Citibank® Purchasing Card provides an efficient, streamlined approach to purchasing and paying for an increasingly wide range of goods and services needed to run your business… from office supplies to professional services … and everything in between.

But that is not all. Because the success of your purchasing program lies in the details, knowing when, where and how much your company spends. Citi offers comprehensive and flexible transaction information available. The details we deliver will provide you with valuable negotiating power for dealing with your suppliers.

Data Management and Reporting
The Citibank Purchasing Card program offers a host of information management solutions that make it easier for you to comply with local regulations, ensure compliance with organizational policies, better understand spending patterns and negotiate with vendors on a global basis, with:

Citi is Your One Global Solution
Citi is the only U.S. based provider that offers local currency commercial card programs in more than 40 countries, ensuring consistency in our products, quality and customer service around the globe. In addition, the Citibank Purchasing Card is accepted at over 24 million locations worldwide.

Innovative Solutions
A perfect complement to your Citibank Purchasing Card program, the Citibank® Electronic Account provides an innovative payables solution for direct and indirect procurement. Used for high-ticket payments, combining superior transaction processing and settlement, companies can free up working capital by extending days payables outstanding (DPO), while, at the same time, accelerating payments to your suppliers.

Ongoing Consultative Support
A dedicated account team will create a program to meet your needs, or re-engineer and expand an existing one. Plus, your cardholders will enjoy round-the-clock access to knowledgeable customer support from anywhere in the world.

Unrivaled Benefits
An industry leader, Citi offers value-added features and benefits that surpass standard purchasing card programs – providing greater convenience for your employees and better control for you, including:

  • Authorization controls to manage and control employees´ spending
  • Merchant category code definitions, limiting use to approved vendors
  • The ability to capture and report on supplemental data from the point-of-sale
  • A declining balance capability—for short-term expenses such as relocation, uniform allowances, special events and unique projects, or for emergencies/unforeseen situations

In addition, the Citibank Purchasing Card creates a more cost-effective, streamlined purchasing and payment process – enabling you to replace individual vendor payments and hundreds of separate invoices with one central payment to your supplier.

  Average Cost per Transaction Average Time per Transaction
Pre-Purchasing Card Implementation $83.09 54 minutes
Post-Purchasing Card Implementation $22.98 14 minutes
Source: Visa Best Practices Management Guide

Your suppliers will also benefit from:

  • Reduced DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) and increased cash flow—payment received in two days
  • Assured payment—removes the burden of invoicing and collections