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Citi® Procure to Pay

Working Capital Services

Working Capital Services includes three working-capital tools: Discount Management, Purchasing Card and Supplier Finance specifically designed to help organizations unlock cost savings, manage their cash more strategically and achieve significant operational efficiencies.

Discount Management
Organizations can generate a higher return on cash by offering suppliers early payment in exchange for discounts. With invoice automation compressing payment approval cycle times, buyers are better positioned to negotiate favorable purchasing terms. Such discounts can add-up to significant annualized risk-free cash returns.

To ensure ease of discount capture and supplier participation, Citi provides a supplier network where buyers can negotiate discounts, and a comprehensive supplier enablement program for seamless supplier on-boarding.

Purchasing Card
With Citi Procure to Pay, clients can settle invoice-based payments using a unique file-based, buyer-initiated Purchasing Card program. Buyers can maximize working capital by leveraging their statement float and increasing rebates from card usage.

In addition to incremental rebate opportunity and extended days payable, a Purchasing Card allows you to enjoy increased control over the timing and amount of your payments as well as reduced processing costs from automation.

Supplier Finance
Citi Procure to Pay offers a fully integrated Supplier Finance solution from Citi. Organizations can use Supplier Finance services to better manage their Days Payables Outstanding, while also providing suppliers with early payment and the liquidity they need to fund large orders, as well as reduce financing costs.