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Citi® Procure to Pay

Electronic Invoice Automation

Citi's Electronic Invoice Automation is designed to automate the collective set of accounts payable processes from purchase order issuance to receipt of the invoice and the associated invoice-approval workflow. Our solution automates inefficient, paper-intensive activities and can be used to meet the changing needs of today's organizations as they look for a more streamlined accounts payable process.


  • Elimination pf paper invoices; reducing invoice processing costs and invoice cycle times, resulting in significant savings
  • Automation approvals and workflow management
  • Capture early payment discounts, increasing cash flow and enhancing cash management
  • Reduce invoice error rate
  • Integration with ERP systems
  • Increased visibility on invoice status
  • Reduce time responding to supplier inquiries and/or complaints
  • Reduce human resources traditionally dedicated to paper processing
  • Outsource burdensome process of supplier enablement to industry experts