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Citi® Working Capital Analytics

Optimize Your Working Capital and Increase Your Financial Advantage

Citi’s powerful analytics tool provides an in-depth analysis across all spend categories to give you superior visibility and insight for decision-making.

Citi’s analytical tools and advisory team can help your organization realize potential cost savings and greater efficiency within your Accounts Payable processes and in new payment and working capital strategies.

Using a suite of analytical tools available only to Citi clients, our team of analysts will review and analyze your spend data, then recommend payment methods and a strategic approach to managing your financial supply chain that will increase efficiencies and cost savings.

Citi will also outline ways to streamline your entire procure-to-pay process with modular solutions such as:

  • Commercial card optimization
  • Complete Payments and Working Capital Supplier enablement planning
  • Buyer Initiated Purchase Card segmentation
  • Citi Supplier Finance segmentation
  • Electronic Invoice opportunity scoping

Information in. Inefficiencies out.

Participating in a Working Capital Analytics review is easy, and completely confidential. Your organization simply provides a data file and participates in a brief interview before Citi performs its consultative analysis. Citi will mine your organization’s payables data to make specific payment recommendations; during the analysis, data can be selectively enriched to provide more targeted results. Throughout the process, Citi works closely with you to evaluate your organization’s operations and provide customized analytics, reports and presentations tailored to your organizationís needs and objectives.

Once the analysis is prepared, Citi will work with you to assess the recommendations, align them with products and services Citi offers and develop a step-by-step action plan for unlocking opportunities within our Commercial Cards and Procure to Pay Solutions sets.

Citi® Procure to Pay is an end-to-end financial supply chain solution that automates the collective set of accounts payable processes from purchase order to supplier payment and reconciliation. It can identify operational cost savings and opportunities to optimize working capital, as well as provide insights you can leverage to improve your audit results and control systems.

To learn more about how Citi Working Capital Analytics or Citi Procure to Pay can transform your payables strategy, please contact your Citi representative.