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CitiDirect® – ACH

Citi's newest solution, CitiDirect®-ACH, simplifies and automates the complex ACH review and approval process with capabilities that provide enhanced transparency, control and usability.


Citi's enhanced web-based solution was specifically designed to provide you with the tools and information you need — when you need it. CitiDirect ACH enables users to access, navigate and manage ACH Debit transactions in Citi's secure online environment quickly and easily.


Accessed through the CitiDirect® Online Banking portal, CitiDirect-ACH provides dual approval to mitigate fraud and reduce the costs and inefficiencies associated with inadvertently approving or rejecting ACH Debit payments.


With CitiDirect-ACH, users can set customized ACH Debit Filters and notifications to monitor and control ACH Debit transactions more effectively. In addition, advanced capabilities enable users to adjust system settings and controls in real-time to address evolving organizational needs.
ACH Debit Block Service:

To preemptively reduce your exposure to fraud, Citi administers and manages an ACH Debit Block service that automatically returns all ACH Debits, preventing them from posting to your account.

ACH Debit Filters:

Citi's ACH Debit Filter service enables you to create, maintain and update Electronic Payment Authorizations (EPA) to filter and identify ACH Debit transactions that are approved to post to your account. Users can create, change, and delete Electronic Payment Authorizations for all accounts set up with ACH Debit Block.

Electronic Payment Authorizations identify ACH Debit transactions by Originator (Company Identification); however, the advanced functionality of Citi's ACH Debit Filters enables you to further customize the filters using additional authorization criteria including:

  • Single Payment Authorization
  • Recurring Payment Authorization
  • Fixed Dollar Amount
  • Maximum Dollar Amount
  • Authorization Expiration Date
ACH Positive Pay:

Citi's ACH Positive Pay service provides you with an additional opportunity to review ACH Debit transactions that have been rejected as a result of an ACH Debit Block and/or an ACH Debit Filter. Using this solution, you can review the transaction, decide if it should be paid or returned to the originating bank, and even create a new ACH Debit Filter to authorize future transactions. This new enhancement offers several key benefits to ensure your organization avoids the burden and costs associated with inadvertently rejecting ACH Debit payments.

How it Works:

  1. When Citi receives an ACH debit transaction for an account with an established ACH Debit Block, a query is performed against the client's ACH Debit Filters (Electronic Payment Authorizations) on file.
  2. If the transaction meets the authorization criteria (as defined by the client's ACH Debit Filters), the transaction is posted to the client's account.
  3. If the transaction does not match the client's authorization criteria, Citi's ACH Positive Pay service will send email notifications to designated users.
  4. Upon receipt of the notification, the user will have the opportunity to review the ACH debit transaction and decide if the transaction should be paid or if it should be returned to the originating bank.
  5. If the transaction is flagged to proceed with payment, the user will have the opportunity to create a new ACH Debit Filer (Electronic Payment Authorization) to authorize future occurrences of these types of transactions.

Warehouse Inquiry:

Citi's ACH Warehouse Inquiry feature enables users to query Citi's ACH database for ACH transactions. This feature provides access to additional transaction information including remittance details.

Control Total Verification:

Citi's ACH Control Total Verification feature provides an alternative method of entering File Control Totals for ACH Origination. Using this feature, users can submit approved transaction totals which will be used to verify the ACH file totals on the file received by Citi. If the file values received by Citi match the approved transaction totals, Citi will submit the file for straight-through processing. If the file values received by Citi do not match the approved transaction totals, Citi will notify you of the exception and work with you to resolve the discrepancy. New functionality for Citi ACH Control Total Verification enables users to submit the approved transaction totals (Total Debit Dollar Amount and Total Credit Dollar Amount for ACH Origination files) directly into the CitiDirect® Online Banking portal. This enhancement enables users to save time and dynamically manage ACH Origination files at the user's convenience. Citi will also continue to offer its standard voice response system to submit approved transaction totals over the phone (should users prefer to use that method).

Application Security and Entitlements:

The enhanced application security and entitlements offered through CitiDirect ACH enables organizations to control access to transaction details with customized User Groups. In addition to controlling access to transaction information, User Group entitlements can also be used to determine which users can modify and set ACH Debit Filters, which users receive email notifications and which users can reject or accept exception transactions.

How to Get Started:

CitiDirect® users must be entitled to access this application. Once entitled, users can access CitiDirect-ACH using their CitiDirect log in credentials.