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Innovation around the World

South Africa and the UAE

Citi launches commercial cards in South Africa and UAE

The challenge:
To expand our commercial cards footprint in order to better serve our clients in the markets in which they operate.

The innovation:
While other banks attempt to complete a commercial cards capability in Europe, Citi is expanding the product to the rest of the world. By July organizations in South Africa and the UAE will enjoy Citi's commercial card solutions, with Citi offering the first Individual Bill Corporate Card in the South African market.

The cards offer a range of benefits such as cardholder demographics and transactional data information that can be seamlessly integrated to client expense and/or ERP systems. Also, online applications and statements modules provide clients with quick and easy servicing around the clock. The card offering will be supported by industry leading MIS reporting systems, and world-class customer service centres.

The result:
Leveraging Citi's commercial cards into new markets and positioning ourselves as the market leader in this space whilst continuing to provide our clients with a consistent experience wherever they operate.