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From The Innovation Pipeline

Citi Treasury Diagnostics

Independent benchmarking of treasury operations practices

Citi Treasury Diagnostics is an online service that tabulates clients’ treasury practices against peer data to help identify gaps and opportunities. The benchmarking service covers the key pillars of treasury operations, including liquidity, working capital, risk, intercompany funding, technology, and policy and governance.

Participants are able to benchmark treasury practices and processes with peers and best-in-class companies worldwide. The service helps companies identify key opportunities and challenges, and provides a basis for prioritizing investments in systems and processes change.

Citi Treasury Diagnostics was launched in 2009 and includes participation by multinationals across all regions and major industry segments.

This innovative, first-of-its-kind tool has been recognized for numerous prestigious awards, including Treasury & Risk’s 2010 Alexander Hamilton “Solution of the Year” award, Celent’s 2010 “Model Bank Award,” and Monarch Innovation Awards 2010 “Most Innovative Product.”