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Innovation In Action

Flu Care Card

Industry-first flu vaccination payment card dramatically reduces employee healthcare spending

As the cost of healthcare continues to soar, employers face the significant challenge of balancing attractive benefits for employees while still maintaining control over operating expenses. A contributor to these costs is the protection against and treatment of the influenza virus. To address this problem, Citi has introduced an innovative, first-to-market corporate healthcare payment solution that enables employers to reduce employee healthcare spending by shifting the administration of flu shots from doctors offices or on-site clinics to more cost effective pharmacy locations.

The Citi Flu Care card relies on patent-pending technology that allows employers to pay for flu vaccinations only at the time they are administered. This eliminates the need for prepayment, giving employers greater control over total program cost. The Citi Flu Card can be used at more than 17,000 pharmacies and clinics nationwide, including CVS/pharmacy, Rite Aid, Target, MinuteClinic, The Little Clinic and any of the Kroger Family of pharmacies.

With the Citi Flu Care card, employers can direct vaccinations towards lower cost retail channels, significantly reducing the average cost per vaccination by 63%. According to a June 2010 report by a benefits consulting firm, the average cost of a flu shot when factoring in the vaccination and related services rendered is estimated to be $80 or greater when dispensed at a doctors office. By using the Citi Flu Care card, the cost per vaccination is $30 or less, resulting in a substantial and immediate savings for employers and a convenient, no cost alternative for employees.

The Citi Flu Care card enables companies to continue to provide attractive benefits for employees, and serves an important role in helping to promote vaccination for overall improved health and productivity.