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Innovation In Action

For Whirlpool Corporation® Integrated Incentive Program

A leader in the consumer appliance industry since 1948, Whirlpool has been driven by efficiency and innovation for over 60 years.

The Challenge
For years the Whirlpool Corporation, including brands like Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, and Amana, had been using paper checks for both sales and consumer incentives, a process which proved to be demanding on Whirlpool's resources and a flat user experience. Processing large quantities of check payments to customers and sales professionals created a strain on internal operations and did not serve as a viable payment vehicle for the large population of unbanked recipients. In this case, recipients were often forced to pay check cashing fees upwards of five percent to access their funds. The paper check itself allowed for no branding, promotions or communications to the recipient; once the funds were deposited there was no reinforcement of the fund source, and hence no residual benefit to the company. Whirlpool was looking for a comprehensive solution that would create operational and financial efficiencies and drive a premier user experience to reinforce the family of Whirlpool brands.

The Solution
Citi Prepaid designed a comprehensive prepaid card incentive solution for Whirlpool that allows the company to administer multiple programs using one prepaid platform. With this new solution, Whirlpool can manage its national consumer or sales promotions across all brands using a streamlined payment process, and all card fulfillment and reporting is maintained centrally by Citi Prepaid. Each program is customized with unique functionality, card collateral, and a cardholder website to extend the company's brand image. Citi Prepaid also leveraged the Whirlpool's promotional channels to drive awareness for each program and influence recipient behavior. For consumer incentives, promotions were intended to drive spend back to additional Whirlpool products, while for the salesperson, messaging was intended to motivate and impact performance and loyalty. Citi Prepaid is a partner who not only delivers significant cost savings and process improvements, but also helps to drive additional revenue streams for the company to ultimately impact their bottom line.

The Result
The Citi Prepaid Incentive Solution provided efficiency and speed to Whirlpool, allowing them to leverage their current validation process while relying on Citi Prepaid to manage the payment process and the support needed for their constituents. Based on the premise of recipient flexibility, this enhanced solution marked a significant improvement in the delivery of Whirlpool's sales incentives and consumer rebates, while still providing a very attractive financial model. Since program launch Whirlpool has issued over 98,000 personalized prepaid card payments with Citi Prepaid's solution. Also, Whirlpool sales professionals and consumers get their payments on average six times faster than checks and benefit from immediate access to their funds once their card arrives. The cost savings for Whirlpool have been significant — with upwards of 100,000 incentive payments processed and an estimated $3.00 in total savings per payment, the Citi Prepaid solution has saved Whirlpool approximately $300,000.00 in paper check processing and distribution costs alone. The financial impact grows beyond this when considering the program's influence on consumer spend back and boosted sales performance.