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Innovation In Action

Intercompany Lending Management

Eases management and control of internal funding activities and associated risks

Citi Global Transaction Services has expanded its TreasuryVision web-based treasury management platform with a new and truly innovative Intercompany Lending Management Module that brings clarity and order to internal lending activities, making it easier and more efficient for companies to manage borrowing across all subsidiaries and business units.

Citi is the first bank to offer an intercompany lending management solution as part of its online banking package. This unique solution is a clear demonstration of Citi's continued commitment to improving critical treasury processes, such as cash flow forecasting and netting by leveraging the bank's expertise in calculating interest, setting up withholdings, managing lending relationships and planning cash flows.

This new tool allows treasury departments to centralize activities related to intercompany lending, capturing funding activity in one globally accessible online system. The Intercompany Lending Management Module also streamlines the tracking and reporting of financial flows and makes it easier to control and monitor related activities.

This new service is part of TreasuryVision, Citi's award-winning online treasury management platform that provides a single window for global visibility into aggregated account information for cash, investments and debt. TreasuryVision has been recognized by the industry as an innovative solution for clients having been named the Alexander Hamilton – Tool of the Year from Treasury & Risk magazine and Application of the Year by The Banker.