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Innovation In Action

For KitchenAid USA

The perfect blend of consumer incentives

The Background
A division of Whirlpool Corporation, KitchenAid has been a leading manufacturer of cooking and cleaning products for over 90 years with a focus on quality craftsmanship, versatile technology and timeless style.

The Challenge
As a leader in cooking and cleaning products, KitchenAid is focused on the experience of their customers. The division was looking for a more convenient, effective and ultimately economical solution for the disbursement of their consumer product rebates. The traditional method of paper checks proved to be a challenging process to manage for the organization and cumbersome for their customers. The cost and effort to produce, distribute and reconcile these rebate checks was unreasonable and the delivery delays and inconvenience of having to go to the bank to get the rebate funds was not aligned with the overall focus KitchenAid placed on its customers.

The Solution
KitchenAid wanted a rebate delivery solution designed to provide a strong customer experience with faster payment delivery, greater convenience and immediate rebate fund access. KitchenAid was also looking for a program that would allow it to streamline its rebate payment processes with fewer administrative resources to ultimately reduce the costs required to manage and distribute paper rebate checks.

Citi® Prepaid Services rapidly implemented a comprehensive, custom solution that quickly eliminated paper rebate checks and transitioned 100% of the company's rebate payments to electronic delivery loaded directly to KitchenAid Visa® Rebate Cards. This automated solution facilitated easier and faster rebate delivery through a single, streamlined file process and created a better overall customer rebate experience.

Even greater, the custom program packaging delivered strong brand extension. The fully branded KitchenAid Rebate Card created a more positive and lasting impression on the company's consumer base than paper checks, providing a compelling marketing tool for their retail distribution partners.

The Result
The Citi Prepaid Services' enhanced rebate program for KitchenAid, launched in August 2008, quickly eliminated the need for the organization to produce, distribute, reconcile and reissue paper rebate checks, making its internal operations more streamlined and efficient, while outsourcing program management and customer service to Citi Prepaid Services.

More importantly, the rebate solution aligned with KitchenAid's strong focus on the customer experience, providing rebate payments that were delivered three times faster than traditional paper rebate checks. To date, KitchenAid has issued over USD3 million in rebates to over 80,000 consumer cards. These consumers enjoy instant fund access and purchasing power everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted worldwide, immediately upon arrival.