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CitiConnectSM for Files

When it comes to high volume transactions and efficient information delivery, Citi has the right solution for your business. CitiConnectSM is a powerful global gateway for file transmission and translation that effectively integrates payments, receivables, WorldLink, Supplier Finance, Commercial Card transactions and bank account information with your ERP and other critical financial systems. Through our single delivery channel you gain access to Citi's extensive global footprint that includes a wide array of payment instruments across all regions and covering more than a hundred different currencies.

CitiConnectSM allows you to streamline your accounts receivable process, reduce costs using automated processing, expedite dispute resolution and enhance customer service. Receivables information from multiple payment systems and locations can be delivered electronically for faster application of remittance details to your company’s internal systems. CitiConnectSM is the most cost efficient solution for transmission and receipt of files from anywhere in the world.

CitiConnectSM offers the following benefits:
  • Global delivery channel for transmission and receipt of files from anywhere in the world at any time
  • Payment and collection capabilities in over 90 countries and more than 100 currencies
  • Wide range of industry standard and customized formats for easy integration. Formats include:
    • ISO 20022 XML
    • SAP IDOC
    • ANSI X12
    • Custom file formats
  • Prior and current day global bank account information for balance reporting, automated reconcilement and cash management
  • Up-to-the-minute notifications delivered electronically and conveniently accessible via Web browser
  • Increased straight-through processing rates
  • Ability to reject/repair and authorize transactions online
  • 24x7 global support