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Digital Security Solutions

Citi® Digital Security Solutions provides Institutional Clients the necessary security credentials and assurance framework in an end-to-end managed service to confidently transact in a variety of legally compliant ways.


We have made the investment in a high-assurance platform that provides liability, dispute resolution and legal enforceability in comprehensive Registration and Certificate Authority services. Our Digital Security Solutions for corporates include the issuance of high-assurance digital credentials on smart cards or USB tokens, as well as life-cycle processes, such as Suspension, Revocation and Renewal. This service enforces a rigid set of identity proofing rules required for legal and regulatory compliance. Additionally, we offer several options for Registration and access to the Issuance Services – suitable to our corporate client's current environment.

SWIFT Secure Signature Key (3SKey)

In partnership with Citi and other member banks, SWIFT developed this multi-bank and multi-network personal digital identity solution using a single signing device to allow corporates to sign financial messages and files sent to their banks. It also offers banks a cost-effective way to implement secure authentication on electronic banking services by using a shared, reliable and trusted Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). 3SKey is usable on the SWIFT network and on any proprietary networks or the internet.

Other Digital Security Solutions

Please contact us to learn more about other Digital Security Solutions that may suit your corporate needs better.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Citi brings proven banking attributes conveying high assurance issuance, such as trusted third party, processes audited by regulators, ability to hold and manage risk and liability, interoperability and global scale.
    • Trusted third party
    • Processes audited by regulators
    • Ability to hold and manage risk and liability
    • Interoperability
    • Global Scale
  • A flexible managed service model for issuance and lifecycle management of digital credentials, which integrates with clients' existing infrastructure and applications with minimal impact to existing processes or infrastructure.
  • A highly available online validation service allowing real-time validation and authentication of digital credentials