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Citi Digital Security Services

A Global Leader for Digital Security

The increased pressure of regulatory compliance, combined with the globalization and distributed nature of business today, has made digital security one of the most critical business problems for organizations to tackle in recent years.

Citi is a leading provider of digital security and identity services helping Government and Corporate clients utilize digital credentials to communicate with the bank in a secure and legally enforceable manner. For nearly a decade, we have been focusing on issuing market standard credentials and providing customized and innovative products to the marketplace.

Why Citi?

As a trusted partner to the world’s top corporations and governments in more than 100 countries, Citi is uniquely qualified to address identity challenges in establishing trust in B2B transactions with proven identity management technology to create value for our clients including:

  • Greater visibility into the actions of authorized end users and their role as defined by internal processes;
  • Control and governance over the access and activities of end users;
  • Assurance of identity, nonrepudiation and document integrity to mitigate risk associated with sensitive business processes when transacting with business partners;
  • By focusing our efforts in these areas, we are able to help our clients better manage their risk, while meeting their compliance and regulatory obligations.