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CitiDirect® Online Banking

CitiDirect® Online Banking streamlines your local banking activities by giving authorized users at every level of your organization direct access to corporate accounts via an easy-to-use Web interface.

The real-time information delivered through the CitiDirect Online platform is combined with an ever-expanding array of financial services, including:

These industry-leading solutions are backed by the security, convenience and support you expect from Citi.

The smart, efficient way to manage your cash positions

CitiDirect Online Banking was designed to work the way you need it to, ultimately helping you make cash management decisions with speed and confidence.

Quick access to critical information. Take advantage of all an Internet-based platform has to offer with direct, secure access to accounts for authorized users, anytime and anywhere in the world.

Mobile capability. CitiDirect® BE Mobile introduces new functionality, allowing you to receive notifications and authorize payments using your mobile phone - in every payment type supported by our CitiDirect Online Banking platform.

User-friendly interface. The simple, intuitive navigation of the CitiDirect Online Banking platform ensures that even novice users can find the information they need, when they need it.

Expert support and guidance. Online training tools (quick reference cards, detailed user guides, step-by-step learning modules, and more) plus online self-help and live customer service make it easy to get started learning and using CitiDirect Online Banking.

Highly customizable. In addition to including just the solutions and services your company needs, individual users can choose the language in which information is displayed to them. Today CitiDirect Online Banking supports 22 languages.