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Trade Services

Citi’s trade solutions provide a host of products for both corporations (importers and exporters) and FIs.

For corporations

For our Corporate clients, Citi offers import and export solutions that tap into more than a century of experience with trade experts in local markets across the globe - including legal and regulatory requirements, trade practices, and risks associated with each local market. From a traditional letter of credit to Citi’s Open Account Trade Processing, Citi offers the premier security, trust, and guidance necessary to navigate global trade.

Citi understands the business of risk and working capital, and our trade solutions help corporations conduct, monitor, and control international commercial transactions as well as mitigate their associated risks.

For financial institutions

Citi’s trade services for FIs, including our "white label" solutions, enable FI clients to act "bigger" - to provide a broad range of services to importers and exporters under their own name, from issuing and paying letters of credit to handling settlement and administration of documentary collections. Our world-class trade processing platform, combined with a robust Internet portal, allows us to offer customized trade outsourcing solutions that are tailored to meet FIs’ specific requirements and FIs’ customers’ demands for quality and efficiency.

Citi Trade Talks

The Trade team at Citi Transaction Services is pleased to announce the launch of Citi Trade Talks, which has been designed to keep you up-to-date on the latest developments and issues impacting Trade. You can find more information in the box to the right.

Citi Trade Talks: Take a coffee break with Trade