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Export and Agency Finance

What is Export And Agency finance?

Export and Agency Finance (“EAF”) arranges structured financings for and provides financing advice to Citi clients. The advice relates to clients in developed and emerging market countries engaged in global trade, capital projects and investments. In addition, EAF arranges and participates globally in structured financings that manage risk through credit and political risk support of official and private sector agencies as well as by distribution to local and international investors.

Our EAF partners

Citi has partnered with more than 60 Export Credit Agencies (ECAs), including Ex-Im in the U.S., and Multilateral Finance Institutions (MFIs), lending our global reach to support these institutions’ capabilities in many challenging regions of the world.

Our EAF specialists

Citi’s global abilities bring an outstanding staff that includes highly experienced trade professionals, a robust product-management team, and client-relationship and sales managers. There are 40+ EAF-specific professionals in 7 locations (London, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Frankfurt, and Washington, D.C.) focusing on origination and relationship management engagement in country offices. These capabilities allow us to work with ECAs and MFIs in a strategic partnership of strength, reach, and expertise.