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OpenLendSM for Socially Responsible Investors

A securities lending program with solutions for socially
responsible investing (SRI)

Cash collateral solutions for SRI

As the concept of sustainability gains broadening appeal, investors are increasingly demanding an investment approach to consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, while ensuring that portfolio performance objectives are met. Participation in a structured securities lending program with specialized solutions for socially responsible investors enables clients to optimize portfolio returns while satisfying commitments to social and sustainability goals. OpenLend for Socially Responsible Investors allows clients to tailor cash collateral investment in accordance with the ESG factors that are most important to them.

OpenLend for Socially Responsible Investors enables Citi to administer its cash collateral in line with the client’s SRI investment policy. Developed in partnership with Sustainalytics, an award-winning ESG research firm, Citi applies customized multi-dimensional ESG screens to create a universe of eligible securities for investment by the collateral management team pursuant to the client’s investment guidelines.

Proxy recall solution

Through our customized recall process, OpenLend delivers the portfolio optimization benefits of securities lending while preserving the client’s ability to fulfill corporate governance obligations.

OpenLend provides the flexibility to vote all or selected proxies. With a customized recall process to terminate loans prior to proxy record date, the client retains the right to vote proxies.

Citi’s approach to Citizenship

OpenLend for Socially Responsible Investors is part of Citi's commitment to Responsible Finance. Our approach to Citizenship is part of the unifying idea on which we have structured our bank. We call this Responsible Finance. The purpose is to make sure our actions are in the interests of our clients, create economic value and are systemically responsible. Citi focuses on putting the full force of our businesses, resources, products, philanthropy and people to work to improve the communities in which we do business and to protect the natural environment on which we all depend.