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OpenWealth seamlessly aggregates household level data across wealth management platforms, investment managers and third-party custodians, and offers award-winning unified managed household capabilities for a front-to-back solution that eases key operational and administrative burdens and lets managers focus on building relationships and growing their business.

Unified Managed Household (UMH)

OpenWealth leverages groundbreaking technology to deliver the first automated all-in-one wealth management platform delivering goal oriented strategies across an investor's household of accounts. Wealth Managers can bypass separate overlay and optimization technology, disparate systems integration using OpenWealth's end-to-end processing and true UMH capabilities:

  • Automated portfolio and tax optimization across a household supporting goal-oriented portfolios
  • Automated overlay with robust CIO options reduces cost and increases distinguishing features
  • Mix Mutual Funds, ETFs, and SMAs in one account or household
  • Support all Managed Account programs (SMA, MSP, UMA Rep as PM and FundWrap) from one web-based system, eliminating product silos and additional costs
  • End-to-end account support from robust FA desktop, proposal system and account agreements to automated rebalancing and restriction management
  • Unified Managed Account® providing investment account aggregation services

Trust Solution

OpenWealth trust solution provides a complete package of trust accounting, operations outsourcing and custody services. OpenWealth's trust solution can be tailored to an organization's needs, leading to greater efficiencies and optimization of operating and technology costs. With a modular offering, clients may choose only the capabilities they need - from technology platform, operations and technology outsourcing to global custody - all fully seamlessly integrated within your organization.

  • A highly scalable, customizable web-based platform with real-time processing and reporting that supports all phases of the account administration lifecycle.
  • Seamlessly aggregates household level data across wealth management platforms, investment managers and third-party custodians.
  • With the breadth and depth of Citi's experience servicing institutional and wealth assets, OpenWealth offers an exceptional custody service with access to a global network covering over 92 markets and full operations outsourcing.
  • Switching over to a new platform is an important decision for clients, and OpenWealth's trust solution leverages Citi's experience with large scale integrations and conversions to their benefit.

For more information, please contact:

Brian Corkery 617-824-1262
Open Wealth Service Team877-682-2278
Marc Fryburg 212-816-6826