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Global Regulatory Guide for Financial Institutions

This Global Regulatory Update is designed to provide banks, intermediaries, broker-dealers and investors with an overview of the current state of play on key developments around the globe.

Post-crisis, we observe a plethora of regulatory initiatives at all levels of the financial services spectrum. Combined with the challenge of diverging timelines when it comes to implementation, many measures are also likely to differ in their detailed approach, which is likely to create further challenges for the financial services industry. In providing you with this high-level outline of relevant measures and current updates, we would be happy to enter into more detailed conversation with you on any developments that are of particular interest to you.

I hope you find this guide useful and I look forward to discussing further with you.

Ruth Wandhöfer
Head of Regulatory and Market Strategy EMEA
Citi Transaction Services

Global Regulatory Update
Financial Institutions Edition

July 2011