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CitiDirect® for Securities, Portfolio Accounting & Performance Measurement

With CitiDirect® for Securities, Portfolio Accounting & Performance Measurement, you can perform many portfolio accounting tasks, such as:
  • Conducting daily valuations
  • Accounting for all industry-standard accrual and amortization methods
  • Integrating global and domestic investments in a single report
You can generate more than 50 reports, including summary, detail, transactions, holdings, income, gain/loss and derivatives. And you can drill down to underlying data, such as individual transactions, market quotes and account details.

Portfolio Accounting & Performance Measurement also provides you with a variety of online tools, which you can use to:

  • Export reports and data to spreadsheets for customization
  • Sort information alphabetically and numerically
  • Analyze domestic and global data with report options that range from accrued net income to futures appreciation/depreciation
  • Access position details such as gain/loss information in local and base currency