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CitiDirect® for Securities, Inquiry

CitiDirect® for Securities, Inquiry makes it easy to submit, track and manage your inquiries to Citi online. Your inquiries are immediately routed to the proper service area within Citi for handling. Then this simple online tool delivers the answers to you quickly and automatically, 24/7—dramatically speeding response and resolution times for your global custody and clearing needs.

You can send messages about specific transactions or problems as well as check status, view responses, cancel or reopen messages. Inquiry uses simple drop-down fields that are specific to your job functions, for easy identification of accounts and inquiry type.

A free-form field is provided for adding a detailed message. And a search engine extracts information by location, account number, sender, status, reference number and/or date range. Each message has an audit trail of activity, so you can view it by account, sender or status.

Inquiry is designed to support related applications on CitiDirect for Securities. A centralized database helps you manage open, closed and cancelled requests as well as responses.