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Important information
Taking into account the requirement to complete Proof of Life certification for the year 2016, and in light of the limited number of pensioners that have picked up their cash payment to date, Citi has extended the localization of payments at Western Union to the August pension payment for those individuals that did not provide a valid Proof of Life certificate or pick up their cash payment within the established timeframe. Consequently, those individuals that pick up their July cash payment and/or their August payment by August 19th, 2016 (within the timeframe necessary for Citibank to process September transactions) will have successfully completed the Proof of Life requirement, and subsequent payments will be made via the previous payment method. In the event that neither the July payment nor the August payment is picked up within the aforementioned timeframe, subsequent payments may be suspended, and can only be reinstated either by completing the paper based Proof of Life certification, or by picking up the July or August payment at Western Union no later than October 25th, 2016.

Dates to Remember

20th July 2016
Last collection date for Western Union July payment to avoid any impact to your next pension payment.

19th August 2016
Last collection date for Western Union July or August payment to avoid any impact to your next pension payment.

27th September 2016
Last available day for July pension payment collection at Western Union.

25th October 2016
Last available day for August pension payment collection at Western Union.

Please visit the website for regular updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Important information for pensioners of Istituto Nazionale della Previdenza Sociale (INPS) who receive their pension payments abroad.

  • Who is Citi?

  • Why am I receiving the Life Certificate Pack?

  • What do I need to do now?

  • Why do I have to complete and sign the Life Certificate Form?

  • Who can authenticate my Life Certificate Form?

  • May I share or photocopy the Life Certificate Form?

  • Where must I send my completed Life Certificate Form?

  • What supporting documentation do I need to include?

  • Do I need to go to a Citi branch office for any reason?

  • What should the pensioner do if the ID does not match the name on the letter?

  • When is the deadline for sending the completed Life Certificate Form?

  • What will happen if the Life Certificate Form is not received by 3 June 2016?

  • If I have a question or complaint, whom should I contact?

  • Why is the pensioner receiving the INPS August pension payment via Western Union when normally they receive it via a different payment method?

  • How will be pensioners informed of the August 2016 payment via Western Union?

  • What is the deadline to collect the August pension payment?

  • How is it possible to collect the pension payment?

  • How is it possible to locate the nearest Western Union office?

  • Who can collect the pension payment?

  • Who are Western Union?

  • Can I collect my payment in Euro?


Assistance and how to
contact Citi

For assistance with completing forms, please contact Citi by one of the below methods:


  • Argentina
    0800 2664513
  • Australia
    1800 016798
  • Austria
    0800 214004
  • Belgium
    0800 81123
  • Brazil
    0800 7621029
  • Canada
    877 412 0544
  • Chile
    1230 020 5527
  • Croatia
    0800 777968
  • France
    0805 540573
  • Germany
    0800 5891614
  • Luxembourg
    800 21007
  • Netherlands
    0800 0200383
  • Poland
    0800 080338
  • Romania
    0800 400863
  • Slovenia
    0800 80794
  • South Africa
    0800 160859
  • Spain
    900 814182
  • Switzerland
    0800 001031
  • United Kingdom
    0800 0322913
  • Uruguay
    000 411 002 0298
  • United States
  • Venezuela
    0800 1008737

For all other countries,

  • call Italy
    +39 02 6943 0693**

*Calls are free of charge from a land line. Calls from mobile phones may be charged. Consult your mobile phone carrier for further information on associated costs.

**Calls to this number will be billed based on international calling charges. Ask your network provider for more details on call charges to Italy.