Commercial Cards

Appendix C: Report Formats

Report Name: SIC Exception Report (C.38.2.e)
Report Number: TBR 350
Frequencies Available: Month end
Level of Detail Selected: Transaction
Dollars Reflected on Report: Real and/or memo
Sort Order: Unit, alpha by Cardholder, transaction
Agency Benefits: Monitoring of defined transaction types to determine if restrictions are needed

Report Description

The Agency may define up to 12 individual MCC codes or six ranges of MCCs or identify a template which allows up to 75 MCC codes or 35 ranges. The Agency may decide if it wants the MCC codes that are listed on the TBR 350 report or if it wants all other MCC codes to appear by defining "includes" or "excludes." The information appearing on this report is sorted by Cardholder. No MCC sort is done.

This report does not restrict usage; it only monitors activity. The transactions are displayed in both real and memo dollars; therefore, the transactions may appear twice (once under the Agency listing and once under the individual). The total number of accounts includes the Agency number in the counter. The report does not identify the MCC code of the transactions listed.

NOTE: This report is not appropriate for central or GTA-billed accounts. The Agency should turn on the TBR 300 Past Due Report at the billing level or higher.


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