Citibank® Commercial Cards

Appendix C: Report Formats

Report Name: Detailed Account Listing (C.38.2.b & C.38.2.f)
Report Number: TBR 211
Frequencies Available: Cycle, month end, quarter, fiscal quarter, annual, fiscal year end
Level of Detail Selected: Detail
Dollars Reflected on Report: Real and/or memo
Sort Order: Unit, sub-unit, alpha by Cardholder
Agency Benefits: Provides a highly detailed listing of Cardholder accounts with varied information

Report Description

This report provides a detailed listing of a unit's Cardholder accounts, including Cardholder information and authorization parameters for the Cardholder and the TBR unit.

Cardholder Information Authorization Parameters
1. Account number, name, address 1. Single transaction limit
2. Phone and fax number 2. Daily, monthly, and cycle purchase limits
3. E-mail address 3. Table of up to nine MCC group templates assigned to the unit
4. Account type 4. Other/additional information
5. Other/additional information  

NOTE: Although there are fields for credit limit, this information is not available and will not be reported


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