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Three Quick Questions And Answers

Q: Can I stop receiving Total Business Reporting (TBR) reports via the mail and receive them online instead?

A: Absolutely. In fact, we highly recommend it. To switch to electronic TBR reports, simply contact your Client Account Service (CAS) Rep, who will give you access to the TBR folders in the CitiManager® "library". There are separate folders for report frequency – cycle, monthly, quarterly or annually. When you begin receiving your reports electronically, you can:

  • Download a specific TBR report instead of searching through the entire reporting template
  • Access and download reports whenever you want
  • Activate an "alert" to notify you when a new electronic report is available for download.

Q: How can I add/delete an Agency Program Coordinator (APC) or Approving Official (AO) from the CitiDirect® Card Management System?

A: It's easy. First go to Hierarchy > View. Then click the "Manage Contacts" tab to open a smaller browser window. Then:

  • To create a new contact, select the New Contact option at the bottom of that small browser window and follow the instructions. About 30 minutes after you create a new contact in CCMS, that individual will receive two emails – one for registration ID, one for passcode – so they can register as Non-Cardholders in CitiManager®.
  • To delete a contact, select the Delete Contact option on the right side of the small browser window.

Q: How can I perform the same account changes for multiple accounts? And how many accounts can I change simultaneously?

A: You can perform the same account changes for multiple accounts simultaneously by using the Bulk Maintenance function. (See the Bulk Maintenance article in this newsletter.) Simply navigate to Card Management > Account Management > Bulk Account Maintenance.

You'll see the level(s) at which your user entitlement is defined. (Newly created hierarchies will not be displayed.) You can select up to 3,000 accounts for each bulk account maintenance request. If you select 100 accounts or fewer, the maintenance request will be performed immediately. If you select between 100 and 3,000 accounts, it will require additional processing time, usually 24 to 48 business hours.