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Fight Card Fraud With Mobile Alerts

Credit card fraud is more prevalent than you think. And it can create problems for Program Administrators and cardholders alike.

Fortunately, there's something that you and your cardholders can do about it. In three words, "Citi Mobile Alerts."

With Citi® Commercial Card Mobile Alerts, on-the-go employees can stay informed about their card activity right from their mobile devices. They can receive text and/or email alerts on their balances, statements, recent transactions and other relevant account information. What's more, employees can also send a text directly to GOCITI (462484) and to find out their account balance, last three transactions or even reset their CitiManager® password.

Need to know what happened with a disputed transaction or when your lost or stolen replacement card is being mailed? Well, Citi has an alert for that too. With over 30 email and SMS alerts to choose from, it is easier than ever for employees to keep abreast of their pertinent account activity.

The many benefits of Mobile Alerts

When cardholders sign up for Mobile Alerts, they enjoy multiple benefits, including:

  • Convenience. Stay abreast of card activity and information, in the language of their choice
  • Timeliness. Receive prompt notification of fraud early warning, statement availability, payment due date and other key events related to the account
  • Efficiency. Automatically receive updates about account activity without having to call customer service or log into a computer
  • 24/7 availability. Feel secure with the reliability of anytime/anywhere connectivity, via a smartphone or other mobile device
  • Flexibility. Choose from email, SMS (text) and/or on-demand alerts. Select specific days, times and time zones, and receive alerts only when desired.

Sign up for Mobile Alerts now

Want more information on Citi's Mobile Alerts? Want simple instructions for signing up? Click here